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Siemens Hearing Aids and Accessories

Behind the Ear Hearing Aids

Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids come in a variety of styles from miniature BTEs to larger, high-powered hearing aids. Many BTE hearing aids offer multiple directional microphone systems for improved understanding of speech in noisy situations.

Siemens Ace Micon


Enjoy the sound of life.
Hearing at its best. So tiny, the secret is all yours.

Enjoyment all around.
Ace hearing aids deliver every word—a touching remark, even a whisper—with optimal sound clarity and comfort. So small, it’s practically unnoticeable behind your ear. A moisture- and water-resistant hearing aid with IP67 rating.

Enjoy the utmost discretion.
The most discreet hearing instrument in its class, Ace packs an incredible hearing experience into a tiny package. It’s nearly unnoticeable when worn behind the ear. Designed to learn and remember hearing preferences in all situations.

Ace senses ambient sounds and intelligently adjusts itself. It filters out unwanted noise and delivers optimum sound quality that’s so natural, it’s easy to forget you’re wearing a hearing aid. Wearers enjoy the sound of life—just the way they want it.

Small, strong Ace is packed with features:

  • Ultra small design
  • Tinnitus control
  • Exchangeable housing in colors that match hair and skin tones
  • miniReceiver for natural sound quality
  • Advanced Siemens BestSound Technology
  • Directional microphones help wearers focus on a conversation
  • Push button for optional control
  • Battery door on/off
Siemens Pure Micon

Pure Micon

Enjoy the sound of life.
Hearing at its best. Outstanding sound quality. Versatile. Discreet.

Enjoy staying in touch.
You shouldn’t have to miss anything. With Siemens Pure, you’re in control. Its advanced technology delivers outstanding sound quality together with versatile features that help you enjoy the sound of life. Whatever you’re planning.

Enjoy communication.
Small in size and filled with advanced technology, Pure gives you the ultimate in natural sound quality—it contains more features than any other hearing aid its size.

Pure is packed with innovations.

  • Rechargeable to eliminate hassle with batteries
  • Enhanced tinnitus control feature manages tinnitus and improves hearing at the same time
  • Telecoil (t-coil) connects with public sound systems in theaters and phones
  • miniReceiver for outstanding sound quality
  • Advanced BestSound Technology from Siemens
  • Flexible options: rocker switch or programmable push button for optional control
  • Exchangeable housing with a choice of 12 colors
Siemens Motion Micon

Motion Micon

Enjoy the sound of life.
Hearing at its best. Say hello to easy listening.

The easy life.
Siemens Motion is a BTE (behind-the-ear) hearing aid you put on and forget about. It has all the features you need in one intelligent instrument: clever controls, rechargeability, wireless connectivity, and BestSound Technology. Plus, its design is robust and comfortable so it requires little care.

All the joys of life

  • Fully-featured for utmost comfort
  • Rechargeable
  • Easy on-board controls for simple volume and program adjustment
  • Exchangeable colors

One easy solution.

  • Siemens BestSound Technology
  • Connects with Tek and miniTek wireless systems
  • Comfort, convenience, versatility, and easy listening
  • Select Motion BTEs have direct audio input for use with FM systems
Siemens Aquaris


Enjoy the sound of life.
Hearing at its best. Let’s sound in, keeps the elements out.

Enjoy being immersed in sound.
It doesn’t matter what you do in life, you want to enjoy every moment of it. No matter how active your lifestyle, you can always wear your hearing aids.

Enjoy total freedom.
With its unique design, robust Aquaris is the only truly waterproof, dustproof, and shock-proof hearing aid available. Its soft-touch lacquering and ergonomic shape make it virtually shockproof. Resistant to dust, perspiration, and humidity, Aquaris is perfect for people who spend time in demanding environments. Wherever you are—working in a garden, sweating at the gym, building sandcastles, showering, swimming - Aquaris delivers outstanding sound quality with exceptional clarity and comfort.


  • Completely sealed housing and battery door
  • IP68 certified: No seepage and no damage during continuous immersion
  • Custom-made soft ear mold for swimming


  • Repels dust, perspiration, and dirt
  • Dirt and moisture-resistant surface
  • Watertight housing safeguards against corrosion

Shock resistant

  • Scratch-proof, non-slip, soft rubber surface
  • Attachable Sport Clip for extra security
  • Microphone cover protects microphone membranes and reduces wind noise
Siemens Nitro


Super power. Super connectivity.
Siemens Nitro is the ideal solution for people with severe-to-profound hearing loss who want to stay involved and active. These super-power hearing aids not only provide the necessary amplification, they are also powered by Siemens’ pioneering BestSound Technology to offer outstanding speech intelligibility and listening enjoyment. Nitro automatically recognizes your environment and switches to the appropriate program – leaving you free to focus on your life.

Great battery life – and wireless connectivity too.
Nitro gives you the sound experience you prefer, all with remarkably low battery consumption. In addition, nearly all Nitro models offer wireless connectivity, helping you to focus on your life and not your hearing aids. Nitro has the power and functions to help you stay connected and get the most out of life.

Nitro features.

  • Ergonomic slim-neck design – 30% smaller BTE
  • Directional microphones
  • Feedback cancelling technology combats feedback noise
  • BTE models resistant to moisture, sweat and dirt
  • Tinnitus therapy feature
  • Integrated telecoil
  • Windscreen protects against wind noise
  • Wireless connectivity
Siemens Life

Siemens Life

Enjoy the sound of life.
Hearing at its best. The small work of art that’s big on style.

Enjoy every detail in style.
Whether it’s a passing comment or a detailed discussion, you don’t have to miss a thing. Siemens Life combines outstanding sound quality and refined comfort with simple operation. It’s the perfect complement when style matters.

Enjoy star performance.
Incredibly small, big on style, Siemens Life fits you and your life. Soft and flexible, it has no hard parts and fits simply and comfortably on the ear. Designed to deliver superb sound quality, Siemens Life gives you choices between automatic and programmable push-button operation. And, it’s open-fit eliminates the muffled effect you may feel with other hearing aids.

Life is style. Life is freedom. Life is full.
Siemens Life is for those with mild to moderate hearing loss, who won’t compromise their style. Flexible and uncomplicated Siemens Life delivers the lowest power consumption among comparable hearing aids on the market.

Discreet and elegant

  • Compact, ultra-small design is almost unnoticeable behind the ear
  • Comfortable, easy-to-clean ultra-thin tube and tip practically disappear
  • 12 exchangeable subtle and stylish colors and patters
  • Fully automatic functions or push-button adjustments
  • Tinnitus therapy feature

Fast and flexible

  • Instant fitting concept—hearing better in just one office visit
  • Open-fit minimizes occlusion effect
  • Low maintenance means fewer follow-up visits
  • Connects to Tek and miniTek wireless systems


  • Siemens BestSound Technology
  • World’s best feedback cancellation prevents whistling
  • Speech sounds clearer—even in noisy environments
  • Learns listening preferences in various surroundings
Siemens Life


For clear connections.
Today, there are many innovations that can help you hear better, so you can focus on the things that matter. Siemens Orion hearing aids come in a range of BTE models for almost any level of hearing loss.

Orion combines smart technology with durability for hearing aids that provide a reliable listening experience. With essential features like a built-in telecoil, you can connect with telephones and listen in looped environments like places of worship, classrooms, and other public places. Orion’s nanocoated housing and IP67* certification combine with improved speech intelligibility and wireless connectivity to make Orion a trustworthy partner – no matter what life has in store for you.

Orion BTEs—great comfort and superior connectivity.

  • Rugged design ensures reliable performance over a long service life
  • Microphones focus on sound from in front while reducing noise from other directions, helping you to concentrate on conversations
  • E2e wireless connectivity, helping left and right hearing aids work together
  • Excellent feedback cancellation prevents bothersome whistling noises
  • Convenient easy-to-use controls
  • Exchangeable housing to match your color preference
  • Nanocoated membranes for the microphones, a closed frame and a rubber gasket prevent moisture, sweat, dust and dirt from entering the hearing aid
  • Tinnitus therapy feature relieves tinnitus symptoms and improves your hearing at the same time
  • Telecoil
Siemens Life


Tune in to the soundtrack of your life.
Hearing loss is no longer something that should be endured. Siemens offers a range of hearing aids that can bring clarity to your conversations and a personalized listening experience with essential hearing aid features. With its variety of models, the Sirion line of BTE hearing aids offers a solution for almost every level of hearing loss.

All models have easy-to-use features, and wearing comfort. The combination of customizable settings, IP67* certification, rugged construction and simple convenience in various BTE models, makes Sirion a simple and reliable choice for wearers who don’t want to miss out on the action in their lives.

Sirion. Great comfort and versatility.

  • Solid design ensures reliable performance over a long service life
  • Resistant to moisture, sweat and dirt
  • Convenient easy-to-use controls
  • Excellent feedback cancellation prevents bothersome whistling noises
  • Exchangeable housing to match your color preferences
  • Built-in telecoil to connect to telephones and looped environments, such as classrooms

In The Ear Hearing Aids

In-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids are also known as custom hearing aids. They are individually manufactured to fit a person’s ear. They range from invisible in-the-canal (IIC) to full-shell (FS) hearing aids.

Siemens Insio


Simple freedoms.
Live life the way you want. Don’t let hearing loss stop you. Insio is a customized hearing solution that offers clear and natural sound without that muffled effect. You’ll probably forget that you’re wearing it.

Life is filled with sounds.
Insio automatically adjusts to your personal hearing preferences and programs for different hearing situations – restaurants, concerts, motorcycle riding – and it offers excellent sound quality and speech understanding. Insio also features wireless connectivity for direct connection to a wide variety of sound sources, as well as offering a tinnitus therapy feature.

Rich, crystal-clear sound in a custom design.
Insio is a giant leap forward in hearing aid technology. You’ll get excellent, feedback-free sound quality without that muffled effect. Insio not only has personalized sound, it also offers customized design. Insio is made to perfectly and precisely fit your ear’s individual anatomy.

Insio Features:

  • First completely-in-the-canal (CIC) hearing aid with wireless connectivity (Siemens Tek and miniTek)
  • Program button for selecting hearing programs (optional)
  • Battery door for quick, easy battery replacement
  • Vent for optimal ear ventilation and sound delivery with no feedback
  • Volume control for direct sound adjustment (ITE model)
  • Enhanced tinnitus therapy feature that manages tinnitus while improving hearing
  • Directional microphone that focuses sound to help you concentrate on your conversation partner
  • 5 skin-tone colors plus 12 additional fashion colors for the ITC/HS and CIC
Siemens Nitro CIC

Nitro Customs

Enjoy the sound of life.
Hearing at its best. Power for every day.

Incredibly powerful and extremely intelligent. Incredibly powerful and extremely intelligent, the Nitro in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids are specially designed to enrich the lives of people with severe to profound hearing loss.

Empowers, connects, and understands you.


  • Combines power with discretion
  • With up to 128/70 dB Nitro in-the-ear hearing aids are among the most powerful hearing aids around.


  • Enhanced speech clarity and sound balancing
  • Features revolutionary Siemens BestSound Technology


  • Custom-built to fit the natural shape of your ear
  • Intuitive handling and operation


Enjoy the sound of life.
Hearing at its best. Deep fit for the most natural sound.

The disappearing act.
Eclipse puts the most advanced hearing technology exactly where it belongs –out of sight. It’s tiny in size, almost invisible, and delivers excellent sound quality and comfort. It eliminates the muffled effect typical of other in-the-ear hearing aids. Siemens’ most sophisticated device, Eclipse is the ultimate in discreet hearing aids.


  • Ultra discreet hearing aids
  • Smallest handcrafted deep-fit CIC
  • Deep placement, almost invisible from the outside
  • Computerized design is then individually handcrafted, enabling particularly small construction


  • Specially designed soft dome is extremely comfortable and easily exchangeable
  • Soft dome comes in two colors –red (right ear) and blue (left ear)
  • Siemens BestSound Technology


  • Optimal perception of the wearer’s own voice for the most natural sound
  • No occlusion effect (a sensation similar to placing hands over the ears)
Orion ITC


All the essential features for hearing clearly.
Siemens Orion in-the-ear hearing aids help you enjoy all the sounds around you. Available in different models to ensure a perfect match for your individual needs, Orion custom ITE hearing aids sit discreetly in your ear or disappear completely in your ear canal. They perfectly fit the shape of your ear and the settings can be tailored to your personal sound preferences.

Orion ITE hearing aids are made to last.

  • Custom fit ensures wearing comfort
  • Enhanced technology allows customized settings
  • Microphones focus on sound from in front while reducing noise from other directions
  • Optional wireless connectivity for a variety of Siemens accessories
  • Select models include convenient controls for easy adjustments
  • Feedback cancellation prevents bothersome whistling noises
  • Tinnitus therapy features can relieve the symptoms of tinnitus and improve your hearing at the same time
orion sirion ite


Simply hear better.
Siemens Sirion in-the-ear hearing aids are an inconspicuous solution that helps you focus more clearly on the sounds you long to hear. Concentrate on the moments that matter most, thanks to a tiny hearing aid that perfectly and comfortably fits the shape of your ear canal. A hearing care professional can help you find the model that best fits your personal needs.

Sirion custom hearing aids are simply sensational.

  • Custom-crafted fit ensures wearing comfort
  • Vent ensures a more comfortable fit
  • Select models include convenient controls for easy adjustments
  • Feedback cancellation prevents bothersome whistling noises

Siemens Hearing Aid Accessories

Siemens Mini Tek

Mini Tek

One touch. Endless possibilities. miniTek is everything you want from a wireless solution and more. It is an automatic streamer and an intuitive remote control. It syncs all your audio devices with your hearing aids simultaneously.

The richest listening experience at your fingertips.
miniTek wirelessly connects audio devices—phones, TVs, MP3 players, and more—to your hearing aids. miniTek won the Best of Bluetooth Next and Fan Favorite awards at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).


  • Remote control and streamer in one small, stylish device
  • Transmits audio to both ears in true stereo
  • Works with all Siemens wireless hearing aids
  • The only wireless solution that supports wireless CICs (completely-in-the-canal)
  • Discreet and convenient one-touch operation


  • Connects many audio devices with your hearing aids
  • Multi-point system works with two phones at once
  • Connects two transmitters simultaneously
  • Communicates with Bluetooth wireless devices
  • Supports third-party Bluetooth wireless transmitters
  • Additional connectivity with DAI (direct audio input) plug and T-coil
  • VoiceLink transmitter available to adapt devices without Bluetooth wireless
  • VoiceLink microphone available to hear a speaker in noisy environments
Siemens ePocket, ePen, & ProPocket

Remote Controls


Stylish, practical remote control for easy handling.
Siemens' sleek, high-quality easyPocket remote control gives you convenient access to all the options that the hearing instruments have to offer. Even users with dexterity issues can easily change their hearing instrument settings thanks to the large, accessible buttons and a modern, easy-to-read display.


Smart and discreet control.
The award-winning ePen is a discreet remote control that works with the latest Siemens hearing aids. Shaped like a pen, it lets you adjust the volume, switch programs and turn your hearing aids on and off. A gentle twist is all it takes to discreetly control your hearing aids.

Siemens eCharger

Siemens eCharger

Easy to use and sustainable.
Now you can combine the best hearing experience with the knowledge that you’re doing something that will benefit the next generation. Ever run out of batteries unexpectedly? Annoying, isn’t it? Why not simplify things and say goodbye to weekly battery changes with the eCharger—the sustainable power solution for rechargeable Siemens hearing aids.

Save yourself the hassle of fumbling with battery changes and help save the environment.

Siemens Comfort DigiSystem Audio Boot

Comfort DigiSystem

Wireless microphone and receiver work seamlessly with miniTek.
Siemens wireless Comfort Digisystem pairs with miniTek. Together, these two Bluetooth wireless devices enhance speech and filter out disturbing background noise before it reaches your hearing aids. The result—improved clarity and speech understanding when you participate in meetings, attend lectures, or anywhere you need a longer range—up to 120 feet from the speaker.

Hear every word clearly and securely.
The Comfort Digisystem includes a wireless digital microphone and receiver. Just plug the Comfort Digisystem receiver into miniTek or a compatible hearing aid, and place the microphone on a table or on a speaker’s lapel. The digital technology filters out disturbing background noise and enhances speech delivered to your hearing aids.

The system can easily adapt to suit personal lifestyle needs and listening situations.